Accounting is the language of business. Anyone involved in accounting must be able to speak and understand this language effectively. This course will teach you the basics of accounting and equip you with technical skills needed to prepare, analyse and interpret financial statements and reports. The workshop employs a practical approach that enables you apply these skills in a real world business situation. This course is suited for anyone with an interest in business accounting and finance.


  • Key financial terms

  • The accounting cycle

  • The key reports

    • Income statements

    • Balance sheets

    • Cash flow statements

    • Statements of retained earnings

    • Chart of accounts

  • Cash and accrual accounting

  • Single and double entry bookkeeping

  • Debits and credits

  • Identifying and analyzing important financial data

  • Making financial decisions

  • Reading annual reports

  • Different types of organizational financial plans

  • The basics of budgeting

  • Financial computing skills

  • People and numbers