This course teaches how to deliver high quality bids within strict timescales, and effectively manage them in accordance with the tender specifications. The whole bid cycle will be examined, tools to enable you analyse the requirements, pull together resources and develop outstanding bid will be provided.

Course is designed for buyers, suppliers and contract analysts who need high competence in writing bids, delivering and managing tenders of varying complexities. Acquiring the competence can win lucrative contracts from governments, in oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, even from international institutions. Whether it is a tender for projects or supply of goods or services, tender evaluation and contract preparation need to be addressed in a structured and disciplined manner.
The course sets the complete tender cycle into context in relation to the development of contract strategy, identification of appropriate pre-qualified contractors, contract design, the tender process and contract award.

Course outline

Differing levels of bid
Tender procedures
Contractor/suppliers registration
Contractor/supplier appraisal
Invitation to tender
Risk associated with different contract types
Contract design-selection of clauses
Prequalification and approved contractors/supplier lists
Tender evaluation and bid-comparison processes

Types of contract
Legal aspects of contract
Commercial law, including agency law, local preference legislation
Understanding the cope and requirements
Dealing with tender boards
Contract award

Special skills and bid writing
Language of bids and tendering
Gathering comprehensive and quality information
Expressing activities, outputs, milestone and results
Drafting, revising and perfecting
Providing evidences
Bid layout and styles
Complying with requirement
Post tender negotiation
Essential skills of negotiation
Winning and losing-what the formulas are
Bid management process
Structure of kick off meeting, involvement of SME
Updating and supporting document Change management process Manpower restructuring Transfer management
Human resources management regulatory and compliance issues