CV Tips!

Few questions you may have about your CV

  • How do I formate my work experience?
  • How many years of work experience should i include?
  • In what order do i list my jobs?
  • What if I don't have any work experience?
  • Do i need to include dates for my work experience?
  • I worked for a temporary agency; how do i list that experience?
  • Am i changing my career or transiting to another industry?
  • Do i have many gaps in my work history?
  • Have i switched jobs frequently?
  • Am i an independent contractor or fresher?
  • Am i concerned about my background signs?
  • Am i underqualified or overqualified for the position?
  • is my Cv filled with information not relevant to the position?
  • Is my CV messy or incomplete?
  • is my career path inconsistent with lateral moves, change position or short time spent in a position?
  • Did i use vague terms to describe my past work experience?