Project Management Professional Materials

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"The Principles Of Project Management ($29 Value FREE For a Limited Time)"

Learn how you can deliver projects on time and on budget, again and again.

Every project you manage will be unique. Scope, budgets, team dynamics, and timeframes will differ. As a project manager, the most important factor in achieving project success will be your understanding of 'The Principles Of Project Management'. This book will show you that project management isn't rocket science.

By downloading this PDF you will also receive updates covering all the technical aspects of web development. From the latest PHP techniques to advanced HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, ASP and a whole lot more courtesy of SitePoint.

Human Resource Materials

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Request Your Free eKit Now:
"The Human Resources Management Kit - November 2017"

Download this kit to learn everything you need to know about Human Resources Management.

The Human Resources Management Kit – November 2017 brings together the latest information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Human Resources Management related decisions.
The following kit content will help you get the most out of your Human Resources Management research:

  • HR's Guide to Performance Review Questions
  • A Marketer's Guide to Open Enrollment
  • Competing for Talent in the Digital Age
  • 7 Strategies for Being a Better Manager


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"Marketing Must-Haves for 2017"

A diverse collection of must-have marketing tips and tricks - including a workbook for success.
Download this kit today to learn important marketing tactics for fall 2017 to help your business succeed. You'll get templates, instructions, meeting agendas, technology recommendations and more. Plus, you’ll get the latest coverage of important developments in marketing.
Kit includes:

  • Developing an Account-Based Marketing Program
  • A workbook for success to help you turn a great idea and a good strategy into action

These additional resources to help you get the most out of your marketing research:

  • Developing an Account-Based Marketing Program
  • Building a High Performance Marketing Plan with Marketing Automation
  • [2017 Interactive Report for Agencies] Compare Pricing and Features for Six Marketing Automation Vendors

"Developing Your Appraisal Skills"


This free eBook will provide you with a firm understanding of the principles behind performance management as well as practical advice for completing each stage of the appraisal process.

You will learn how to:

  • Incorporate the four drivers of employee engagement that are needed to support a successful performance management system.
  • Use the OSCAR principles to help you maximize commitment and encourage your team to achieve goals and develop their competencies.
  • Be totally objective and avoid the eight most common causes of bias when making judgments about individual performance.
  • Develop a holistic performance management that can bring you significant productivity gains with a modest investment in time.
  • Collect the data you need for productive, stress-free and motivational appraisal meetings.

Chapter 1 - Performance Management Cycle, Chapter 2 - OSCAR Principles of Performance Management, Chapter 3 - Setting SMART Goals and Objectives, Chapter 4 - Matching Competencies to Roles, Chapter 5 - Performance Appraisal Role Description, Chapter 6 - Appraisal Process Steps, Chapter 7 - Stages of the Appraisal Process.

Operation Management

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This comprehensive text focuses on the latest techniques in production planning and control, considered to be pivotal for organizations which aim at maximizing their productivity and profitability.The book discusses in detail production system concept, facility location, plant layout design, production scheduling; mass production techniques such as assembly line balancing, maintenance planning and control, scheduling, project management, quality control; and modern production management tools which include JIT manufacturing, CIM, FMS, TQM and ISO 9000 series.