Clarionttech is a subsidiary owned and trusted provider of technology enables testing and assessment solutions. We have over the years providing that right test development and test delivery solutions to the world’s most recognized organizations. Our niche has enabled millions of people around the world to advance in their careers, increase earning potential and take your career to the next level.

Our Solutions

At Clarionttech, our target is to help you get your target by building, protecting and delivering testing programs that have been designed to measure the right knowledge, skills and abilities. We take greater pride in our service regardless of size and scope. Our industry expertise, technology and testing systems and network are unparalleled in their convenience, security and consistency.

The Right Reach

We operate in a secure network of 5,000 available spaces giving convenience access to various testing programs such as interviews, recruitment and all forms of examination. Our dispersed locations allow us to meet you testing needs for all CBT test with wide expertise knowledge wherever and whenever we need it to support testing and assessment programs.

The Right Protection

We guarantee physical security and intellectual property at test centre, with the right to address test takers identities and unique needs while safeguarding complex and confidential information flow in its distributions of information management.

Choosing us can guarantee some level of assuranceto deliver customized services tomeet all of your specific and unique test development and test delivery needs. We have the cope , capacity and process assets and expertize to provide the right testing solutions every time