With costumer confidence and customer loyalty, providing excellent customer service is no longer an added benefit. Customers who are not happy with the way they are treated are taking their businesses elsewhere. Customer loyalty can be your key to restoring customer confidence, which can keep your business afloat. Giving your customers an exceptional experience will bring exceptional results: your customers become a marketing tool for your business. This programme is highly participative and allows participants learn the art of effective customer service. This training is tailored at teaching you how to give exceptional customer service.

What you stand to learn?

  • Free Installation and Training on EQMS Software

  • Key Skills for Quality Customer Service

  • Addressing Different Customer Behavioral Styles

  • Understanding Quality Service and Service Culture

  • Listening/Communication Skills

  • Dealing with difficult people

  • Customer Service in a Competitive Environment

  • How to get a win-win outcome with your customers

  • Identifying customers needs and requirements

  • How to create high customer loyalty through enhanced service

  • 7 Cā€™s of Customer service

  • Identifying blocks to excellent customer service

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Turning complaints into opportunities

  • Effective telephone techniques



Module 1 - CUstomer relationship is not an option

  • Customer Relationship Management Defined

  • Technology Does not equate Strategy

  • The Power of CRM

  • CRM Success Factors

  • CRM is Here to stay

MODULE 2 - CUSTOMER Service/sales profile

  • Why call it the Customer Service/Sales Profile

  • The Three levels of Service/Sales

  • The Shape of your Customer Services/ Sales Profile

  • Pitfalls of the Customer Services/ Sales Profile

  • CRM and Your Profile

MODULE 3-managing Your customer Service/Sales profile

  • Sonija's Contact Center

  • Maurice's Food Brokerage

  • Managing initial or Stand-Alone transactions

  • Managing for Repeat Business

  • Managing for Customer Advocacy

MODULE 4 - Choosing your CRM strategy

  • Relationship Learning

  • CRM Strategy starting Points

  • Picking the Player

  • Preparing for Your First Meeting

  • The CRM Strategy Creation Meeting(s)

  • Identify Potential Strategies

  • CRM Strategy Selection

MODULE 5 - Managing and sharing customer data

  • C Return to Your Strategies

  • Data vs. Information

  • Managing Customer Information- Database

  • Ethics and Legalities of Data Use

MODULE 6 - tools for capturing customer information

  • Where to Get the Data and Information

  • The Computer is Your Friend (but Not

  • Always Your Best Friend)

  • Believe It or Not



MODULE 7 - Service level Agreement

  • Problems - The problem with Problems

  • Service - Level Agreements Defined

  • Three keys to effective SLAs

  • Creating an SLA

  • Using SLAs to support Internal Customers Relationships

  • Making SLAs Work

MODULE 8 - E-Commerce: Customer Relationship on the Internet

  • CRM on the Internet

  • Choosing the Right Vehicle

  • Three rules for Success on the Road to E-Commerce

  • What does the Future Hold?

MODULE 9 - Managing  Relationship Through Conflict

  • Managing the Moment of Conflict

  • "But 'Nice' Never Bought Me a Customer

  • What if the Customer is the Problem?

MODULE 10 - Fighting Complacency: The " Seven-Year Itch'' in CRM

  • But They Love Me!

  • The Illusion of Complacency

  • Customer Needs Change

  • Make Parting Such Sweet Sorrow

  • Renew Your Vows

MODULE 11 - Resetting Your CRM Strategy

  • Ready, Set, Reset!

  • Phase 1: Are you hitting Target?

  • Phase 2: Does Your CRM Strategy Work for Your People?

  • Phase 3: Time for Change

MODULE 12 - Relationship Selling

  • Components of Relationship Selling

  • Creating Moments of Truth

  • Discover Customer Need

  • How to Connect with Customers