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This Fire safety course will unfold the procedures to reduce the risk of fire, develop effective emergency procedures and appropriate use of right extinguishers and other firefighting equipment. Employees engage in different operations in the day to day running of your organization, these activities expose them to fire Hazards which have devastating effect on Life and properties of the organization.

At the end of this professional course, participants will be awarded with an internationally recognized Fire safety certificate that can be used in any industry internationally and locally.


The course will cover the following knowledge areas;

•        Main causes and effects of fires in the workplace

•        Duties and responsibilities (of employers, employees and fire wardens)

•        Procedures in the event of a fire

•        Actions to be taken in the event of a fire

•        Fire prevention measures

•        Fire risk management, including risk assessment

•        The fire triangle

•        Fire risk control measures (active and passive)

•        Reporting fire safety issues

•        Portable fire-fighting equipment

•        Simple checks of portable fire-fighting equipment


•        Fire safety is required by companies to meet legal requirements
•        There is no prerequisite for the course
•        The course is suitable for any discipline

•        It helps to eliminate the cost associated with fire hazards


•        Organizations who want induction training for their staff.   
•        Any individual interested in learning how to manage fire risks and hazards
•        Working professionals who want to start a career in Safety
•        Undergraduates and Fresh Graduates seeking to launch their careers
•        Business owners who are likely to suffer significant loss as a result of fire