HSE an acronym for Health, Safety and Environmental Management. HSE management involves managing, controlling and handling all aspects of health, safety and the environment at work – with the focus on major accident risk.

HSE certification as of today is regarded as the most significant certification training in the field of oil and gas, engineering, science and technology, art and medicine, administration and management, banking and finance.

Successful candidates of this program stand a 95% chance of being selected for employment or promotion.

Clarionttech training for Health and Safety covers most topics relating to safety, security and legislative standards binding the profession. Clarionttech provides you with the knowledge, skills and solid training in the theories and practices of occupational health and safety, emergency planning and environmental management. Participants will have the foundations to create, plan, implement, audit and evaluate programs in the areas of health and safety, emergency planning and environmental management systems. Generally, the HSE training courses have been designed to meet the aims of four separate interest groups in Nigeria as Prescribed by The World Safety Organization WSO;

  • Those with no Health, safety, environment and security experience who wishes to move into this area for employment.

  • Those with special interest in ergonomics, human factor and occupational safety manager training and certification.

  • Those with interest in the environmental consequence of engineering failures, toxic waste disposal and environmental risk assessment.

  • Officers already practicing Health, Safety and Environment as well as security, but needs improved knowledge and skill with a back up certification from a National and International Safety Accredited body.


HSE  Level 1, 2 & 3
Obtain A World Recognized HSE Certificate from World Safety Organization.   


Environmental Management System in compliance with the ISO 14001 should be part of an organization’s strategy.
See details

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Oil and Gas Safety Management
Oil and gas industry workers engage in many activities that may expose them to serious hazards, See details... 

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stands as the major prerequisite for all career professionals regardless, See details

This Fire safety course will unfold the procedures to reduce the risk of fire, develop  

Construction Safety
Construction workers have to deal with hazards on a daily basis. In this dangerous profession, See details...


OHSAS 45001 is a professional certification that boosts organization's reputation, See Detail

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Defensive Driving & Journey
 Every organization needs proper journey management checklists See details

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Quality Management System (QMS) Quality is the main, if not sole, part of their jobs, and their. See details


Risk Management
Professionals with strong critical thinking skills, a desire to work with a team, 
see details...

Consequently, the needs of these four groups are met in these courses which reflect both similarities and differences in health, environment, safety and security issues in different industries (e.g. Manufacturing, Construction, Marine, Offshore and onshore, Transportation, Installation, Procurement, etc) to achieve;

•             Zero Injury Workplace
•             Zero Fatality
•             Zero Lost Time Injuries
•             100% Achieved Audit and Follow-up
•             Goal Zero in Health, Safety and Environment
•             Timely Reporting of Unsafe Acts and Unsafe work Conditions