Millions of companies and individual source for their pool of employees, the questions is, How can they be assured of the quality and quantity of candidate required to do the job?  How do we determine their competence and professional skills to meet the job demand?  It is clear that these questions reveals a great headache and challenge that individuals and companies looking to recruit qualified candidate.

As of today, individuals and organizations looking to hire the best fit for the job and hardly know where to get one. Most times, so you are confronted with recruitment problem.

Our presence at such a time like this can offer us the opportunity to help meet your recruitment demands. We have pioneered recruitment and management service needed for the successful operation of multimillion dollar project.  Since then, we have achieved an industry lead position especially within private sector.

Our services have been streamlined to serve the niche market of recruitment and management. So far, we have recorded tremendous success as a company through our involvement in the sector.



Clarionttech services is a Private company which specializes in providing human capital solutions for various sector of the economy. We have identified skill gap within Information Technology, Project Management, Health safety Environment, SAP in the last four years especially in the area of providing training and developing staff competence and highly trained staff for the sector. Right from inception in providing HR solutions, the first launch of IT project manager position gave us a niche. Our presence at such time like we offered to other client gave us the opportunity to be one of the leading consulting company that provided the right personal in recruitment and management service needed for successful operation. Since then we have achieved a lead position within most industry.



Recruitment Strategy

         Testing & selection procedure

         Training and capacity development

         Client engagement strategy

Set to answer the following the questions.

1.  What kind of candidates are we looking for?

2.  Where can this talent pool be found?

3.   How to test and select them?

4.  What procedure for carrying out background checks and document verification?



We have the following motivations for developing an effective employment brand:

These implementation will include:
1. Distinguishing our client as a desired employer
2. Attract the best talent
3. Providing candidates with clear vision of the organizations culture
4. Employee value proportion

We are in a position to provide you with the best candidates from different parts of the country. We have a large database of experience professionals as well as fresher.

Our operational system is divided according to different professions, so that every applicant is thoroughly scrutinized before sending at your end. This will enable in the short listing’ of the quality and quantity candidates. The candidates are not only checked up on academic grounds but also on their personality traits.

Our services have been streamlined to serve the niche market of providing workforce planning and manpower planning through value creation recruitment strategy.