A Protocol officer should possess the knowledge, skills and attitude required for processing the right documents at the right time and in the right place supported with efficient logistics as this constitute prime requirements for achieving business goals.

This course will provide participants with practices that are coherent and in-line with international best practices.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Develop skills for efficient protocol and travel management

  • Plan and organize national and international travel and accommodation

  • Plan international exhibitions, visits and events

  • Turn complaints to opportunities

  • Effectively manage difficult people

  • Create realistic budgets and control costs

  • Reduce the impact of unexpected emergencies and crises

Learning Contents

Module 1
Managing the protocol and travel function
The right documents at the right time, in the right place
Accommodation and international travel Requirements
Exhibitions, Conferences, Visits and events – Nationally and Internationally
Budgeting and Cost Control
Building and Maintenance
Risk and Disruption of Travel – Proactive Management

Module 2
Business Strategy formulation
Practical Applications of Goal setting - Theory to Management
Aligning performance management with organizational Strategy, Values and Goals
Coaching and Business Support: How can organization get the Greatest Value?

Module 3
Maximizing Productivity
Make or Buy Decision
Cost of Stock
Distribution channels

Module 4
Establish the Context
Strategy & Competitiveness
Developing a Business & Operation Strategy
Translate Priorities into Design Competing on Cost, Quality, time & flexibility
Understand Trade offs
Productivity Measurement, labor & Multifactor
Productivity interpretations and growth rate

  • WHO Should Attend

    Administrative Officers and Protocol Officers